Please come in or call to schedule a swim lesson.

We now have a certified WSI swim instructor for 12 months of age and older.

Summer 2024 Swim Lesson Schedule:


Lesson Type:                     Member Price      Non-Member Price
Group Lessons                                 $55                               $65
Private Lessons                                $200                            $200
Semi-Private Lessons                      $185                             $185
*All lesson options are 8 sessions for 30 minutes each*

Get your feet wet! Come in and register today to reserve your preferred session and time. 

Available Times


** There must be at least 4 children per level. You may be asked to move to a different time.

**There is a 3% service charge on all card transactions.


Calling All Swimmers!

Private and Semi-Private swim lessons for all ages offered here at the WAC!  Parents are welcome to join children ages 0-3 in the water. Semi-private lessons include groups of 2-3 kids at the same level.

When: Contact Management
Cost: Please see pricing above

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• safe entries
• bubbles mouth and nose
• submerging and retrieving submerged objects
• front and back float
• bobs
• rolling from front to back and back to front
• intro to treading water with assistance
• alternating and simultaneous leg/arm actions on front and back
• introduce elementary backstroke
• front and back glide
• introduce front crawl


• fully submerge and hold breath
• step or jump from side into shoulder deep water
• bobs
• retrieve submerged objects
• begin rotary breathing
• front, jellyfish, and tuck floats
• front glide and recover
• back glide and recover
• rolling from front to back
• intro to treading water
• combined arm and leg actions on front and back
• begin front crawl
• begin elementary backstroke
• water safety skills


• bobbing while moving to safety
• Jump into deep water from the side, submerge, and return to side
• headfirst entry from the side in seated or kneeling position
• survival float
• back float
• rotary breathing
• retrieving objects from bottom
• front gliding to back float
• treading water
• changing directions from vertical to horizontal position on front and back
• push off in streamline position on front, begin flutter kick
• front crawl 15 yards
• elementary back stroke 15 yards
• flutter, scissor, and breast stroke kicks
• water safety skills


• entering water by jumping off side, fully submerging, recover to the surface, and return to side
• recovering objects from the bottom, 5-7ft
• headfirst entry in sitting and kneeling position
• survival float
• feet first surface dive
• treading water
• swim underwater
• bobbing while moving toward safety
• rotary breathing
• pushing off in streamline position on front
• front crawl 25 yards
• breast stroke 25 yards
• back crawl for 25 yards
• sidestroke 15 yards
• introduce dolphin kick
• water safety skills


• feet first entry from side in compact and stride position
• swim underwater
• feet first surface dive
• survival float
• tread water for 2 minutes
• push off in streamline position on front and back
• dolphin kick
• front crawl for 50 yards
• breast stroke for 15 yards
• elementary backstroke 50 yards
• back stroke 50 yards
• sidestroke 15 yards
• flip turn
• intro to open turns
• dolphin kick
• water safety skills


• feet first entry from the side in compact position and in stride position
• surface dive and retrieve object from bottom, 7-10ft.
• swim underwater
• feet first surface dive
• survival float
• tread water for 2 minutes/ legs only for 1 minute
• front crawl 100 yards
• breast stroke 100 yards
• open turns
• flip turn
• back crawl 100 yards
• elementary backstroke 100 yards
• sidestroke 50 yards
• water safety skills
• streamline and dolphin kick on front & back

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