Summer Swim Lesson Schedule
Session 1: June 6-9; 13-16

Session 2: June 20-23; 27-30

Session 3: July 11-14; 18-21

Session 4: July 25-28; August 1-4

Available Times




** Please note that there must be at least 4 children per level. If not, you may be asked to move to a different time.

Lesson Type:                                            Member Price      Non-Member Price
Group Lessons                                                     $55                         $65
Private Lessons                                                    $110                       $110
Semi-Private Lessons                                          $95                          $95
Get your feet wet! Come in and register for your swim lesson today to reserve your preferred session and time. 


Calling all parents and their toddlers!

Swim lessons for kiddos ages 2-3 are offered here at the WAC!  Parents are encouraged to join their children in the water. Please check back for scheduled sessions.

When: TBA
Cost: Members/Veterans = $35
Non-Members = $45

See to it that your toddler gets a fresh start in the water! Sign up today!



• safe entries
• bubbles mouth and nose
• submerging and retrieving submerged objects
• front and back float
• bobs
• rolling from front to back and back to front
• intro to treading water with assistance
• alternating and simultaneous leg/arm actions on front and back
• introduce elementary backstroke
• front and back glide
• introduce front crawl


• fully submerge and hold breath
• step or jump from side into shoulder deep water
• bobs
• retrieve submerged objects
• begin rotary breathing
• front, jellyfish, and tuck floats
• front glide and recover
• back glide and recover
• rolling from front to back
• intro to treading water
• combined arm and leg actions on front and back
• begin front crawl
• begin elementary backstroke
• water safety skills


• bobbing while moving to safety
• Jump into deep water from the side, submerge, and return to side
• headfirst entry from the side in seated or kneeling position
• survival float
• back float
• rotary breathing
• retrieving objects from bottom
• front gliding to back float
• treading water
• changing directions from vertical to horizontal position on front and back
• push off in streamline position on front, begin flutter kick
• front crawl 15 yards
• elementary back stroke 15 yards
• flutter, scissor, and breast stroke kicks
• water safety skills


• entering water by jumping off side, fully submerging, recover to the surface, and return to side
• recovering objects from the bottom, 5-7ft
• headfirst entry in sitting and kneeling position
• survival float
• feet first surface dive
• treading water
• swim underwater
• bobbing while moving toward safety
• rotary breathing
• pushing off in streamline position on front
• front crawl 25 yards
• breast stroke 25 yards
• back crawl for 25 yards
• sidestroke 15 yards
• introduce dolphin kick
• water safety skills


• feet first entry from side in compact and stride position
• swim underwater
• feet first surface dive
• survival float
• tread water for 2 minutes
• push off in streamline position on front and back
• dolphin kick
• front crawl for 50 yards
• breast stroke for 15 yards
• elementary backstroke 50 yards
• back stroke 50 yards
• sidestroke 15 yards
• flip turn
• intro to open turns
• dolphin kick
• water safety skills


• feet first entry from the side in compact position and in stride position
• surface dive and retrieve object from bottom, 7-10ft.
• swim underwater
• feet first surface dive
• survival float
• tread water for 2 minutes/ legs only for 1 minute
• front crawl 100 yards
• breast stroke 100 yards
• open turns
• flip turn
• back crawl 100 yards
• elementary backstroke 100 yards
• sidestroke 50 yards
• water safety skills
• streamline and dolphin kick on front & back

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