While At The WAC...

…Please be aware:

*Read all posted signs up on the deck area (located at the dive tank, slide and spa area), posted signs on doorways, locker rooms and family dressing rooms.

*Failure to comply with any of the rules set forth by the management of WAC could result in membership being suspended or be asked to leave the facility.

*At no point are young children allowed to wear blow-up floaties/arm sleeves. We recommend puddle jumpers or lifejackets for their safety.  We do supply flotation devices at no charge.

Behavior Expectations for Patrons

FRIENDLY VERBAL WARNING: For minor rule infractions, patrons will be reminded by WAC staff of correct behavior for the appropriate activity.

The following sequence of events will occur for any patron BLATANTLY DISREGARDING courteous, appropriate and/or safe behavior while engaging in any activity at the Worland Aquatic Center:

FIRST OFFENSE: Once a patron has neglected to follow verbal warning and correction of the inappropriate behavior, WAC staff will be permitted to as patron to sit out for 5-10 minutes form any activity they are engaging in. A written incident report will be filled out by WAC staff involved in order to document the details of the incident and all those involved.

SECOND OFFENSE: Patron will be reminded that this is their second offence and that one more offense will result in dismissal from the facility. WAC staff will ask patron if there is anything they need to clarify in regards to the rules of the facility. If the patron is a minor and their parent is in the facility, every attempt will be made to involve the parent in their child’s inappropriate behavior discussion in order for that resolution may be reached. A written incident report will be filled out by WAC staff, documenting the incident.

THIRD OFFENSE: In the event of a third offense, the patron(s) will be asked to leave the facility. If the patron is a minor, the parent or guardian will be contacted immediately, notifying them of the offenses and that the minor has been dismissed from the facility (young children will be asked to stay in the lobby area till their parent or guardian arrives). A written incident report will be filled out by WAC staff, documenting the incident and the dismissal (The timeline of the above consequences may be one day/visit or may occur over time).  

If a patron is dismissed from the facility, they will NOT be allowed to return until they have had a meeting with the WAC Director. Depending upon the seriousness of the offending or dangerous behavior, said patron’s dismissal period could vary form one week to a much longer period of time. The time period will be determined by the director and will be communicated to the offending party and their family (if the patron is a minor) in writing immediately following the offense. No admission refunds will be given.

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